How can I contact Maharaja Hall?

Please feel free to e-mail us at customercare@maharajapicturepalace.com, or call +91 7873042888 for all your queries and suggestions.

Can I book my cinema tickets online?

Yes, It is possible to book your movie tickets online at www.maharajahall.in

Why do I have to pay extra to book tickets through the website?

A nominal fee is added to your transaction to help us provide you with the convenience of booking tickets without having to come to the cinema. maharajahall incurs considerable expenditure in provisioning this service and the fee is collected to ensure the service remains reliable at all times. This is a standard industry practice.

Is buying tickets on-line on www.maharajahall.in safe and secure?

Absolutely yes. maharajahall.in online booking service is protected by the latest 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security. We have partnered with Ccavenue which is a MSC (Master Secure Code)& VBV (verified by VISA) certified Payment gateway.

What methods of payment are accepted online?

www.maharajahall.in accepts all major Debit cards, Netbanking, Cash Card(Done card, Icash card, ITZ cash, Oxicash card) and Mobile Payment.

What happens if my machine hangs or restarts or my internet line disconnects when I am in the middle of a booking?

Your account might have got debited for the amount of the tickets you were trying to purchase. If this is the case, your amount will automatically be refunded to your Debit Card / Bank account within a maximum of 10 working days. If you do not receive the refund within this period, please contact us on customercare@maharajapicturepalace.com

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

Confirmation of your booking is clearly displayed on your computer screen at the end of the booking process. You can print this information if you wish, but this is not necessary in order to receive your tickets. In addition, as you have entered an email address, confirmation of your booking will be sent to you via email followed by an SMS on the number given by you while booking the tickets. And also you can log on our website www.maharajahall.in and there you can go to "Ticket Enquiry" page.In that page please give your confirmed "Order Id" in the mentioned filed after selecting on "Find Ticket" button you will get your confirmed movie ticket.

Once I have booked tickets online, how do I collect them?

Confirmation Ticket will send to your given mail Id Via email followed by an "SMS" please bring a print copy of Confirmation Ticket or you can bring the confirmation SMS, which send to your given mobile number.

If I am running late for the film will my seat be held?

Once your purchase has been confirmed, your admission is held and will not be sold to another customer.

Can I cancel the tickets that I have booked online and get a refund?

Tickets once bought cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged.

Can I get my tickets delivered home?

The facility of home delivery is not available for tickets booked online.

What are the Call Centre timings?

Our working hours are from morning 08:00 AM until 09:00 PM.